Living off the past...?

Okay straight into it… please stop perpetuating the narrative that players are living off the past. It’s boring. Someone, somewhere has dropped this into Sheffield United vocabulary and it seems to have stuck. 

Are some struggling for form in a new system? Yes. Will some of them reach the levels of 19/20 again? Probably not. Are they all finished? Don’t be ridiculous. 

This conspiracy theory that for the last 18 months whoever has been picking the side has been doing so based on some weird instruction to NOT play their best side or pick it based on past performance or how much they’re paid is a bit odd. 

It seems, especially those part of the Class of 19’ have found themselves in a position where the fanbase consensus is that form, matchday performance and fate are entwined. When we lose it’s the old guard collective that have played poorly and must be binned. 

They might be struggling for form but they’re blatantly the best we’ve got. I’d also put money on the fact the majority of clubs in this division would take any of them should a deal be financially feasible. 

…but that in itself being something that makes the ‘get rid’ argument a non-starter. Most teams wouldn’t be able to afford what it would cost to make any deal worthwhile (for us) so what people are actually asking for is for the club to pay to release assets whilst trying to balance the books. Which is crazy talk 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Then we get onto the ‘get rid and blood the youth’ messages that are starting to surface. Now don't get me wrong I want to see talented young players coming through as much as anyone but you ease them into the 1st team, you don’t one morning wake up and decide to ditch the experienced professionals at the club and start playing the under 23 team week in week out (especially when the environment isn’t particularly positive, and we’re looking quite weak mentally and physically).

If they’re good enough they’re old enough, and I’m convinced some of them will be good enough and they’ll get their chance to make an impact this season (remember we’ve got the guy picking the team that gave a 15 year old a debut). 

I'm not totally naive or blinkered. Some of that class of 19' will not manage to hit the levels required or fit the new system and may leave... but I can’t and won’t turn on players that have shown they have the genuine ability to make us a serious team in this division. 

…Well for at least another 4/5 games anyway 😂🤭👊🏼👍🏼



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